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Ball Warping Machine

May 21, 2019 0 Comments uncategorized

Major Devices:

Control operation board, Leasing reed, Electric control system, Swing device for leasing reed, Blowing device, Length counting frame, 2-pillar tensioner, 3-pillar magnetic suspension tensioner, DiscTens

Main Technic Parameters:

BALL WARPING MACHINE main parameters

Main Technical Features:

  • With Big Brand PLC control, loading/doffing , pressing, machine start/stop and speed adjusting can be realized automatically and reliably.
  • Big Brand Touch Screen for convenient operation of mechanical running situation ministering, trouble shooting analysis, broken and broken rate indication.
  • Big Brand inverter for wide speed adjusting scope to ensure constant liner winding speed.
  • Special press form, pressure given can be adjusted linearly.
  • Big Brand Encoder for speed and length counting, precise and reliable.
  • Wallboard are made for high quality Steel Plate, nice in structure, high in rigidity ensure steady Machine running.
  • Special loading/doffing design, more convenient and quick reaction.
  • Reciprocation bearing of yarn feeder use self lubricating engineering plastic linear bearing for easy maintenance.
  • With synchronous belt drive, Machine running in low noise.
  • Friendly leasing control, when desired setting length is reached, speed reduces to creep speed automatically so that no need to stop Machine for treading leasing band. Creep speed can be adjusted.
  • Yarn feeding use Servo Motor driving, travel distance and reciprocating speed can be set as will for high precision positioning and repositioning so that to make nice edge of Warp Ball and reduce invisible yarn breakage during unreeling (For Option)
  • Blowing device designed in front of leasing reed to prevent fiuff entering warp ball (For Option)
  • Swing device in vertical direction available for leasing reed to avoid fixed point wearing (For Option)
  • Circulating blowing device available for Creel (For Option)

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