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Coal Fired Boiler

May 21, 2019 0 Comments uncategorized

We are offering a wide range of Coal fired Boiler for Textile Industry. Our reasonably priced range is highly appreciated for its alluring performance. A flexible and efficient use of steam can play a vital part in meeting the need of energy reducing and efficient improving. Thus, steam boiler is essential in supplying steam for textile industry. In textile industry, waste heating recovery boiler, coal fired steam boiler are common.

The Technology of Textile Plant for Coal Fired Boiler Plant

To overcome the steam requirement of the textile processing, the pilot industry installed 10 ton per hour coal husk fired boiler to replaced carbon intensive furnace oil Our process heat equipment are used in food processing, chemical, plastic and textile industries.



  • Textile staining:  Heat setting, Dry, Curing
  • Chemical:  Polymerization, Condensation, Distillation, Concentration, Evaporation, Fusion
  • Fat:  Decomposition, Deodorization, Distillation of Aliphatic Acid, Heating, Hydrogenation, Esterification.
  • Petrochemical: Rectification, Heating, Thermal Insulation Plastic
  • Rubber:  Hot-press, Calender, Extrusion, Vulcanization Molding, Artical, Leather, Manufacture
  • Fiber:  Polymerization, Fusion, Mould Pressing, Thermosetting, Extension, Dry
  • Carbon:  Bitumen Fusion, Dripping, Mixing, Molding
  • Wood:  Veneer, MDPE, HDPE, Lamination Flooring, Birch Hot-Pressing, Drying
  • Metal:  Pickling, Electroplate, Coating, Oil Bath, Heat-Treatmen
  • Coating:  Basting and Drying, Vehicle, Plane, Hot Forming, Hyperthermia, Bonding, Drying
  • Construction:  Highway Hitumen, Dissolving, Thermal Insulation
  • Cement:  Fuel Heating
  • Electric:  Resin Impregnation, Melting & Holding
  • Air-Condition: Radiant Heating

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