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Cone Winding Knitting Warping Machine Re-Coning Machine

May 21, 2019 0 Comments uncategorized

Technical Parameters:

  • Suitable yarn number 18-98tex
  • Warp beam available breadth 1600mm 1800mm
  • Disk sheet diameter of warp beam 800mm 1000mm
  • Speed of making chlinders 0~130m/min
  • Length of making cylinders 20S yarn 3500 meters
  • Number of head in making cylinders 400-480 (user definded)
  • Operation monitor 5.5” touch screen
  • Input voltage 3x380V+10%
  • Installed capacity 3servo motors, 3KM of each
  • Complete appliance weight 7000kg
  • End Break Detecting: Infer-Red Stop Motion Sensor
  • Count of the yarn: 7S ~ 40S
  • Tension: 30 ~ 50 g/end
  • Cone size: 078mm X L100mm

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