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Precision Coating Machine

May 21, 2019 0 Comments uncategorized

The basic methob of producing a coated fabric is the direct spreading of a polymer, in the form of a thick liquid or paste, using a sharpened length of metal called a doctor blade or knife. The doctor blade is set up over a fabric, which is held flat by the application of tension-both lengthways and ideally with the use as stenter pins, widthways-in a coating machine. It was first used for coating rubber and is still sometimes referred to as the rubber speading machine even though it is now used for other polymers.

Suitable for: Fabrics, Interleave paper

Water base, Solvent base, Foam could be joint with lamination, stable tension control, speed minimum reach to 5M/Min without shaking.

The knife type:

Flat knife, Bar knife, for Screen knife


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