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Re-beaming (LCB) Machine

May 21, 2019 0 Comments uncategorized

Major Devices:

Upper reversing device, Intertwined yarn detection device, Turn-around stand, Tension frame, Buffer, Driver System, Electric Control System.

Main Technic Parameters:


Main Technical Features:

  • With Big Brand PLC Control, loading/doffing, pressing Machine start/stop and speed adjusting can be realized automatically and reliably.
  • Big Brand Touch Screen for convenient operation of mechanical running situation ministering, trouble shooting analysis, broken & broken rate indicating.
  • Big Brand Inverter for wide speed adjusting scope to ensure constant liner winding speed.
  • Independent collapsible yarn guide device, more easy for leasing, increase productivity.
  • Yarn storage device available for unreeling yarn winded on Beam, convenient for operator’s broken end searching, avoid leasing end and increase warp beam quality.
  • Expansion reed swing left and right to get cross winding.
  • Big Brand Encoder for speed and length counting, precise and reliable.
  • Wallboards are made of high quality Steel Plate, nice in structure, high in rigidity ensure steady machine running.
  • Special Beam holding and clamping device, warp beam will not drop in time of sudden power failure or gap failure, thus to protect worker free from injure.

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