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Rope Dyeing Range

May 21, 2019 0 Comments uncategorized

The Rope Dyeing Range is equipped advantaged technology, it is specially designed for the customer to meet their requesting. The heavy-duty frame and the friendly control interface to ensure the high efficiency operation to work on 6-42 ropes.



Major Processing Function:

  • Scouring.
  • Mercerizing.
  • Sulfur Bottoming.
  • Pigment Bottoming.
  • Reactive Bottoming.
  • Indigo dyeing.
  • Sulfur topping.
  • Bottoming & Indigo dyeing.
  • Indigo dyeing + Topping.
  • Bottoming + Indigo dyeing + Topping.

Specification of Machine:

  • Number of rope : 6-42 ropes.
  • Yarn count : 6-60S Roller.
  • width : 400-2,500mm.
  • Machine speed : 5-35 mpm.
  • Steamer yarn content : 30 meters.
  • Max. Nip pressure : 100 KN, adjustable.
  • Max. Dancer tension : 2KN, adjustable.
  • Oxidation length : 40/50 meeters.
  • Chemical circulation rate : 2.5 — 4 times/hour.
  • Max. ball diameter on creel : 1,500 mm.


  • Standard creel stand design with assistant carrier roll to reduce the chance of the rope twist.
  • Double-deck creel stand design with assistant carrier roll to reduce the space for special application. (optional)
  • Increase height of the creel frame to reduce the chance of the rope twist.
  • Super strong nylon bushing to increase the duration.
  • Extra support bars on top of the frame to prevent the slack yarn going into the draw nip.
  • Auto tension control adjustment for the creel. (optional)


  • Special design for steam generator to ensure Steam temperature reaching 1020 C.
  • Special design to reduce water leakage at entrance and exit section of steamer.
  • Special design of steamer roof to prevent dripping on the ropes inside the steamer.
  • Integrated exhaust fan design for customer just need simply to connect the exhaust air duct.
  • Easy HMI operation for the steamer control.


  • Super strong material (SS304/SS316) with surface nanotechnology coating.
  • Double-Suction line design to ensure the evenness of the chemical circulation.
  • Super strong SS roll design & Gomplast rubber coating.
  • SEW gear box and motor assembly.
  • Precisely pneumatic squeezing & compensator tension adjustment.
  • Count flow design with pneumatic valve control.
  • Elevated design of the top roll (optional).
  • Flute roll design of the top or bottom roll.


  • Modular design of the circulation system, easy for installation & maintenance.
  • Modular design of the auto dosing system, real time feedback for precisely control.


  • Super strong support column for the structure (200x200mm).
  • Static spray technology for the MS material coating.
  • Special design of the height of the structure to increase the oxidation length of the rope in the air.
  • Special design of the catwalk between the dye boxes for easy operation.
  • Super polished or Teflon coated sky roll.
  • Modular design of the structure for easy installation.


  • SS rotary union.
  • Spirax Sarco steam trap.
  • Super strong double V belt to drive the cylinders.
  • SEW gear box and motor assembly.
  • Vacuum valve to prevent damages of the cylinder.
  • Energy saving design of the cylinder.


  • Standard design of the gear box.
  • Special design of clutch to enable the swing tubes stopped during the lead loop pass.
  • Special design of height of the structure to increase the oxidation length of the rope in the air.
  • Catwalk on top of the coiler for easy operation & maintainance.

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