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Sanforizing Machine

May 21, 2019 0 Comments uncategorized

Sanforizing is a controlled compressive shrinkage process, which is applied on Woven fabric to achieve shrinkage before making the Garments. After sanforizing the residual shrinkage of Woven fabric may be zero.

Main Technical Features

  • J-Scray Framework and Stainless Steel sliding pan.
  • Entry Frame with tension adjustment and centering device.
  • Brushing with lint collecting device.
  • Singer with four Burners.
  • 2-Rool. 10-Ton nip, De-Sizing Box.
  • Airing Frame with Heavy duty structure.
  • Steam Stainless Steel Wash Box with enclosure and doors.
  • Chemical Box, with 2-Roll, 10 Ton Nip.
  • 9-Roll Heavy duty skew adjust Wheel and Mechanism.
  • Two Stacks (24 Cans) of Dryer system.
  • The Folder consists of one set of SEW Gear Box and AC Motor (2.2KW)
  • Bypass Frame for only Singeing or Desizing.
  • Rubber belt Blanket.
  • Palmer unit for temperature automation control of the palmer drum.
  • Two Cooling Cans with 570mm dia.
  • Kitchen platform and Chemical Tanks.
  • AC drive system with automation Field Control Technology.
  • Remote Access Monitoring and Control.

The shrinkage amount of fabric is dependent on

  • The nature of fibers.
  • The character of threads.
  • The way of interlacing of thread in the fabric.
  • Crimp in yarn.

Cycle of washing no. of washing.


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