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Sizing Machine

May 21, 2019 0 Comments uncategorized

Natural starch and its derivatives still constitute nearly 75% of the sizing agents used in the textile industry throughout the World. The amount of starch applied to staple yarn varies anywhere up to 15% of the weight of the yarn.
Weavers have been placing very stringent requirements on the quality of Warp due to higher Loom speeds and the need to produce first quality fabrics with an absolute minimum in defects. If the sizing is defective, the quality of the Warp will be poor, which will affect the Weaving operation and consequently the quality of the fabric.

Main Technical Features:

  • With the help of Servo Motor Control technology, the seven Motors are synchronously controlled by the plc and the Servo Drives, the high accuracy control system to ensure the sheet stretch rate being well controlled, even during the acceleration and deceleration period, and another benefits are the reduce the ends break and get stable sixe pickup.
  • The winding uses one fixed tension Rollers, which are controlled by Siemens unique Precise Winding Control. It uses Servo Drivers high precision current control characteristics for Constant Tension Control.
  • The Siemens unique bus bar connection technology improves energy-saving by 30-50% compared with similar products.
  • Use strandberg moisture control technology, made in USA, to ensure the final Loom Beam moisture is controllable.
  • Temperature automation control for Size Box and Dry Cons, to ensure the sheet stretch, size pick up and the moisture% are controlled, it also has function to prevent the over-heat in slow speed.
  • Large size of HMI for easy Operation, Diagnosis and Troubleshooting.
  • Recipe function for all process parameters, easy to be saved and loaded.
  • In the Size Boxes, the squeeze Roller pressure will be change in preset multiple segment slope curve as per Machine speed change, to ensure size pick up rate to be maintained consistency at different speeds.

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