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Spinning Machine

May 21, 2019 0 Comments uncategorized

A filament fiber is the fiber which comes in continuous lengths for use. All the man-made fibres and silk is filament in nature. The man-made fibers can also be cut into staple length and spun on usual spinning system for the spun yarn production. The filaments are spun by chemical spinning which includes the process of extruding the polymer extrusion through the spinneret. These filaments are solidified in fiber form. These solidified filaments are brought together and are slightly twisted to produce filament yarns. The different types of chemical spinning are as follows:

Machine for outerwear and under wear may vary from 12 inch to 60 inch in diameter according to manufactures requirement. This machine can be used either as fabric or for making Garments completely with fancy stitch. Latch needles are commonly employed in all modern circular machines because of their simple action and also their ability to process more types of yarns.

Chemical Spinning

  • Wet spinning
  • Dry spinning
  • Melt spinning

Speciality Spinning

  • Bicomponent spinning
  • Biconstituent spinning

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